Tailored Plan Launch is Delayed
NC Medicaid will delay Tailored Plan Launch beyond October 2023. A new launch date has not been announced.
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Urgent Notification

Urgent Notifications for Network Providers

Urgent Notifications are time-sensitive notices sent to Network Providers to inform them of issues that may impact their daily responsibilities.  

Urgent Notifications

Provider Direct Update 11.27.2023
Provider Checkwrite 11.02.2023
Provider Direct Update 10.23.2023
DMH/DD/SUS FY 2022-2023 State Funded Claims Cut off 10.04.2023
Provider Direct Issues Resolved 09.29.2023
Provider Direct Issues 09.29.2023
Provider Checkwrites Issues 09.27.2023
Provider Direct Update 09.25.2023
Provider CIE Trainings 09.13.2023
Issue with License/Accreditation/Certification (LAC) Effective Dates on Provider Applications 09.05.2023
Hurricane Idalia 08.30.2023
Provider Direct Down Issue Resolved 08.28.2023
Provider Direct Update 08.28.2023
Provider Direct Down 08.28.2023
Remittance Advice and 835 files 08.25.2023
My Learning Campus offline 07.24.2023
Provider Direct Update 07.24.2023
EFT, RA and 835 Processing Issue Resolved 07.19.2023
EFT, RA and 835 Processing Issue Identify 07.19.2023
EFT, RA and 835 Processing Issue 07.19.2023
My Learning Campus offline, Attention EVV Provider 07.17.2023
Tailored Plan Delayed 07.11.2023
Update from NCTracks 07.05.2023
Provider Direct Update 06.26.2023
Claims Adjudication Delayed 06.23.2023
Provider Direct Update 06.22.2023
Time Sensitive: Re-verification 06.19.2023
Provider Direct Update 06.12.2023
Increase in Denials  05.31.2023
Provider Direct Update 05.22.2023
Provider Direct Notification 05.16.2023
Provider Reverification 05.12.2023
Issue Impacting Claims Processing | EVV Providers Announcement  05.11.2023
Provider Reverification Splitting Claims 05.10.2023
Provider Direct Update 04.25.2023
Webinar-Based Public Hearing - Amendment for Residential and Inpatient Treatment for Individuals with Substance Abuse Disorder  04.12.2023
Issue impacting Claims Processing Resolved 04.06.2023
Issue impacting Claims Processing 04.05.2023
Joint DMH/DD/SUS and DHB (NC Medicaid) Provider Webinar  03.31.2023
NCDHHS Delays Implementation of the NC Medicaid Managed Care Behavioral Health and I/DD Tailored Plans 03.29.2023
Splitting Claims for Medicaid Direct Implementation 03.28.2023
Provider Direct Update 03.27.2023
Splitting Claims for Medicaid Direct Implementation 03.21.2023
Provider Direct Performance Issues Resolved 03.17.2023
Provider Direct Performance Issues 03.17.2023
Splitting Claims for Medicaid Direct Implementation 03.16.2023
Stakeholder Engagement Behavioral Health Clinical Coverage Policy Update 03.16.2023
Provider Direct Update 03.13.2023
IRIS System Now Available 03.06.2023
IRIS System Unavailable 03.03.2023
NC Medicaid changed the start date for Tailored Plans 02.27.2023
Provider Direct Update 02.23.2023
Provider Direct and Claims SFTP Updates 01.26.2023
Provider Direct Update 01.25.2023
Request for Interest Trillium Juvenile Justice Psychological Assessment and Evaluation Network 01.23.2023
Change in Ending of the NC State of Emergency Flexibilities 01.13.2023
Stakeholders Engagement Documents 01.12.2023
Increase to Individual Support/Intermediate Care Facility Rates 01.03.2023
Quest Analytics BetterDoctor Provider Outreach 12.15.2022
Provider Direct Update 12.12.2022
ZixSecure Emails Issue 12.06.2022
Claims Processing issues resolved 12.02.2022
Claims Processing issues, NC Medicaid Managed Care Provider Update 12.01.2022
Provider Direct Update 11.28.2022
Open Enrollment Announcement: Respite 11.22.2022
Provider Direct Update 11.14.2022
Provider Survey & Special TCM Provider Meeting 11.02.2022
Provider Direct Update 10.27.2022
DHHS Community Engagement 10.26.2022
DHHS Community Engagement 10.25.2022
IRIS System Issue Resolved 10.18.2022
IRIS System Unavailable 10.13.2022
KACE Ticketing System issue Resolved 10.12.2022
KACE Ticketing System issue 10.11.2022
Provider Direct Update 10.10.2022
NC Medicaid Temporary Flexibilities 09.30.2022
NC Medicaid Tailored Plan Rollout 09.29.2022
Provider Direct Update 09.26.2022
Provider Direct User Interface Format Changes  09.13.2022
Migration to New EDI/Trading Partner Platform 09.09.2022
Nicotine Replacement Therapy Funding Request for Applications 09.07.2022
Provider Direct Update 09.06.2022
Extends Open Enrollment & Remediations Program 09.02.2022
Provider Direct Update 08.22.2022
Provider Terms & Conditions Instructions 08.17.2022
Provider Direct Update 08.08.2022
Provider Direct Update 07.25.2022
Joint Communication Bulletin #J424 07.19.2022
Opioid Remediation Programs Requests for Funding 07.18.2022
Medicaid Transformation - Provider Tailored Plan Trainings 07.11.2022
Tailored Plan Provider Manual Posted 07.08.2022
Provider Direct Update 07.05.2022
Provider Development Needs Assessment 07.05.2022
Provider Direct Update 06.27.2022
National Core Indicators™ Staff Stability Survey for 2021 Available 06.21.2022
Federal Public Health Emergency (PHE) Ends 06.20.2022
Provider Direct Update 06.152022
Medicaid Updates - Tailored Plan Contract 06.13.2022
Medicaid Updates 06.01.2022
Provider Direct Update 05.23.2022
Provider training and Child Residential Quality Care 05.20.2022
Special Bulletin COVID-19 #237  05.11.2022
Division of MH/DD/SAS Grant Opportunities 05.05.2022
NCDHHS, Division of MH/DD/SAS Mental Health Awareness Series 05.02.2022
Migration to New System Edifecs Issue 04.27.2022
Provider Direct Update 04.26.2022
DMHDDSUS and DHB Monthly Providers  Call 04.05.2022
EDIFECS Communication 03.29.2022
Provider Direct Update 03.28.2022
DMHDDSAS and DHB NC Medicaid Consumer Call 03.24.2022
Special Bulletin COVID-19 #237 03.22.2022
Community Partners Webinar 03.18.2022
DHHS Competitive Integrated Employment 03.07.2022
HCBS Provider Rate Increases for Increasing DCW Worker Wages 03.02.2022
SSO  Communication  Required  for  External  Providers 03.01.2022
Community Alternatives Program for Children Waiver Renewal Update 02.28.2022
Provider Announcements 02.28.2022
Provider Medicaid COVID-19 Rates 02.25.2022
Monthly Member & Stakeholder Update Call 02.24.2022
Provider Direct Update 02.21.2022
Provider Manual & Member Handbook Update 02.18.2022
EVV Stakeholder Meeting 02.17.2022
Mental Health Summit - Peeling Back the Layers on Minority Behavioral Heath 02.14.2022
Provider Direct: SSO + External/Provider Tester 02.09.2022
DHHS Competitive Integrated Employment  02.08.2022
New Codes for EVV & Special Bulletin #229 02.07.2022
Providers Resources 02.02.2022
Provider Direct: SSO + External/Provider Tester 02.02.2022
Provider Direct Update 01.24.2022
Update for Providers of I/DD Services 01.20.2022
Important Information for Providers 01.19.2022
DMHDDSUS and DHB Monthly Providers  Call 01.04.2022
IRIS Website Transition 12.29.2021
Provider Direct Update 12.14.2021
Provider Direct Update 12.13.2021
HHAeXchange Important Provider Remainder 12.08.2021
JCB#405 - Operational Guide for a Coordinated Response to a Sudden Closure of a Child Residential Care Facility 12.06.2021
IRIS System and Provider Call 12.01.2021
Provider Direct Updated 11.22.2021
Provider Support Service Line Telephone Outage 11.22.2021
Provider Direct Update and Webinar for Community Partners 11.15.2021
Breath Easy NC: Becoming Tabacco-Free Training 10.28.2021
Provider Direct Update 10.25.2021
Email Phishing Campaign—Zix® Secure Email 10.01.2021
EVV Soft Launch Remainder 08.30.2021
Provider Direct Update 08.23.2021
DMHDDSAS and DHB NC Medicaid Provider Call Update 08.02.2021
Trillium Awarded Tailored Plan Contract 07.28.2021
Provider Direct Update 07.26.2021
Provider Direct Update 07.09.2021
Electronic Visit Verification Implementation Extended 06.29.2021
Provider Direct Update / IRIS changes with Medicaid Transformation 06.21.2021
IRIS Downtime  05.28.2021
Provider Direct Update 05.24.2021
Expiring Provider Credential Notice 05.18.2021
Notification - RANSOMWARE Attack Precautions 05.11.2021
Provider Manual Removed from Website 05.07.2021
Back Porch Chat: Behavioral Health Services in Standard Plan 05.05.2021
Provider Direct Update 04.30.2021
Provider Direct Update 04.26.2021
Deleting "Cookies" in NCTracks 04.23.2021
DMHDDSAS and DHB NC Medicaid Provider Call Update 04.21.2021
Providers of Facility-Based Crisis and Mobile Crisis Services 04.15.2021
COVID-19 Vaccine Information: Eligibility Expanded and Resources for Site Locations and Availability 04.09.2021
Provider Direct Update 04.05.2021
Ticket System Outage 04.01.2021
Information about Medicaid Transformation 03.25.2021
Provider Direct Update 03.23.2021
Urgent Note for providers and Provider Direct Update 02.22.2021
Provider Direct Update 01.26.2021

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