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If you are currently contracted with Eastpointe or Sandhills Center, are in good standing, and provide services to residents in ANY of the affected counties, your contract will be accepted by Trillium in order to ensure continuity of care for all members for all providers.

Provider Document Center

Trillium will accept contracts from Eastpointe and Sandhills providers.

New Provider Consolidation Packet Day One Provider Guide

Please do not send the New Network Provider Packet to this email address after February 29. After this date, providers will submit their packets to Network Service Ticket System: For more information, about the New Network Provider Packets,   please read Clinical Consolidation Communication Bulletin #03.

Benefit Plan Information

Transitioning Providers

As shared on the provider office hours and in Clinical Consolidation Communication 06 (see below), providers submitting all claims including inpatient facility claims will need to split their claims by date of service. For any dates of service 1/31/2024 and prior, providers will continue to submit claims through the appropriate LME/MCO system of Eastpointe or Sandhills based on where the member/recipient is assigned to for coverage. Beginning with dates of service 2/1/2024 and thereafter, providers will be required to submit their claims to Trillium Health Resources for services provided to members/recipients with assigned coverage in one of counties that are consolidating with existing Trillium Health Resource counties. Failure to do so may result in denial of the claim.

Sandhills Center


After Friday, February 16, 2024, providers will be encouraged to submit their questions to the Network Service Ticket System at the following email address: Submitting questions through the previous link will no longer be available after 5 pm on February 16.

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Recent Communications

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Urgent Notification

  • Reminder to complete the New Provider Network Packet

Urgent Notification

  • Reminder to complete the New Provider Network Packet

Clinical Consolidation Communication 09

  • Update from Consolidation Bulletin 8 about EPSDT

Urgent Notification

  • Reminder to complete the New Provider Network Packet

Clinical Consolidation Communication 08

  • Update from Consolidation Bulletin 5 in reference to EPSDT
  • 837 File Submission Requirements

Clinical Consolidation Communication 07

  • Consolidation Benefit Plan 

Clinical Consolidation Communication 06

  • Consolidation Billing
  • Paper Claims and Enrollment/Eligibility

Clinical Consolidation Communication 05

  • Consolidation Communication Bulletin update from Consolidation Bulletin 4 in reference to EPSDT

Urgent Notification Consolidation

  • Clinical Consolidation Bulletin #5

Urgent Notification Consolidation

  • Provider Direct Process Training

Clinical Consolidation Communication 04

  • Action Needed for Sandhills Center and Eastpointe Providers
  • Consolidation Authorization Plans – update to Consolidation Bulletin 01
  • Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)
  • NCDHHS Overview of the LME/MCO Consolidation

Clinical Consolidation Communication 03

  • Important Guidance on Provider Forms, Training Portal, and Provider Direct  

Clinical Consolidation Communication 02

  • Providers Contracts and Rates  

Network Consolidation Communication 001

  • Consolidation and Legacy Entity Provider Claims  

Clinical Consolidation Communication 01

  • Consolidation Authorization Plans 
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